January 17, 2012

...what would Tess McGill do?

When life knocks me down a peg (I am 0 for 3 this week and FEELING THE BURN), I often think to myself...what would Tess McGill do?

She would pick herself up (steal someone's identity/accidentally drug herself/vacuum in undies/sleep with Harrison Ford in the 80's) and work her way back up to the top, THAT'S WHAT!!

But maybe not before she let herself feel the burn for a hot sec. Am I right, ladies? With three bigger-than-I'd-like-to-admit professional set-backs this week I am having a dollop of what Holly Golightly would call the mean reds. Only dogs, ice cream and watching all of my favorite movies will help this day out. After a few hours of feeling it whilst working (duh) I will do just that. Hopefully with glasses as large as Miss McGills.


Melissa I. said...

Sorry you're having a crappy week! Hope things look up from here!

Charlotte said...

Don't let life get you down Meg- the higher you're heading, the harder a drop can feel. But the further you bounce back! X

Nest said...

Thanks Charlotte and Melissa! I feel you and am with you 100%. Can't let it get you down, gotta use it as fuel and motivation! Thanks ladies, I appreciate your sweetness. xo, Meg

Anonymous said...

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