August 27, 2014

Currently Coveting

I am currently coveting two very different styles/looks/genres of magazine holders at the moment and am feeling very Natalie Imbruglia about it. For years I've wanted the modular marvel that is the Kartell magazine holder and have had many versions of them in my favorites and watch lists on Etsy and Ebay, the internet's version of doggy-earring a catalogue page. I have yet to pull the trigger on either, but think this year I might just treat myself for my birthday. THEN, along comes this woven modern Golden Girls moment from Urban Outfitters and I just wonder if I can get away with having them both. I DO have a lot of magazines to hold....

August 26, 2014

National Dog Day

While it's National Dog Day at my house every day, today it's actually recognized on the internet. I'd be remiss if I didn't share some precious pup pics with you on this special day, with a friendly tip or two peppered in on how to help dogs in need. Humans breed an abundance of dogs every year with a sad and staggering number of them ending up in shelters and being euthanized. These are statistics I can't bare to fathom, so instead let's put our energy and efforts into being a part of the solution. Milo and Gracie are the faces of the sweethearts you'll be helping. Both rescues with hearts of gold, there are so many others like them who need our support. There are so many ways to help; here are some specifics:

Adopting a dog from your local shelter is an amazing thing to do, but if you can't do that you can help out the animals by fostering a dog, volunteering at a shelter, walking dogs at your nearby rescue, or donating to a local shelter, the Humane Society, or the ASPCA. If you don't have money to give, no problem! Dog food, toys, old linens, blankets, pillows, and bowls can be useful at most shelters.  If you have a friend or family member who is adopting a dog, offer to dog sit, lend an ear through the tough days, and see what support they need. The more dogs who find forever homes, the less dogs we have in shelters. And, here are 7 more surprising ways to let your skills lend a hand. 

August 22, 2014

Currently Obsessed With....

Its been a crazy, whirlwind, traveling moment and I'm so grateful for all of the work I am juggling right now. I've been spotty- at best- on the blog roll, so let's catch up for a minute on really important things like what we're obsessed with on the ole interwebs.

+ Every Outfit Shelly Long Wore in Troop Beverly Hills. RANKED. Via Jezabel.

+ The We Have Concerns podcast is hilarious. Support it here.

Just the Tips by Katie and Katy on YouTube is hilarious.

+ I just worked with Brian Patrick Flynn and his incredible team, and they are all beyond amazing. Read Brian's beautiful, inspiring blog here.

HGTV Handmade reached the milestone of 100,000 subscribers last week. Thank you for your continued support!

+ I bought this ring at a stoop sale for $5 and don't really know how I lived before, or will lift my hand after, but I'm into it.

+ The DIY Network has a killer blog, Made & Remade, and they were so sweet to feature me as a Creative Genius and post a DIY Geo Garland that I created just for the occasion.

+ My husband and I just started season 4 of Game of Thrones, and I can think of nothing else other than dragons, beheadings, and wearing all black in honor of those we've lost last season. RIP/we will never be the same. Oh, how much simpler life was a mere two weeks ago....

August 11, 2014

Episode 32 /// Mod Desk Organizer

Today's DIY project on HGTV Handmade will help you get your stuff together, quite literally. Just in time for back-to-school jams for any of you who are heading to a dorm room, and for us "grown ups" who are missing the new school supplies that August and September once promised, we can kick our desk-game up a notch. 

August 8, 2014

Thank you for being a friend.

Have a wonderful weekend!

August 7, 2014


Who: Charming Babies + Rock'n Wood
What: Faceted Wood Beads
When: An up-coming HGTV Handmade OR MACC video
Where: Etsy

 More Supplies: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

August 4, 2014

Episode 31 /// Vacation Instagram Trays

Lucite is everything. It's clean, fresh, it's like it's NOT EVEN THERE. Perfect for small spaces and absolutely a fantastic supply to get your DIY on with. Last week we organized our jewelry with it, and this week on HGTV Handmade we are using lucite trays to hold + display our favorite little items while displaying our favorite vacation photos. I've been to California every month for the last 3 months. I should get a Bi-coastal badge or something. What I DO have is a collection of California dreamy palm tree pics that I am dying to bring into my New York City apartment. 

Today's DIY is the perfect solution!


Summer is in full force with vacation photos filling up our feeds and making me just a little but jealous. I've been hard at work on some really exciting projects with some incredibly talented and lovely human beings. I've also been cooking up some exciting plans for MACC, my YouTube channel that has been a little neglected as of late. Not for long! I'll fill you in on each job, video, and project as they roll out, and in the meantime, let's catch-up on the DIY-front, shall we? I last shared with you my DIY Botanical Heart Art, since then you might want to check out:

/// White Box Challenge Unboxing ///

/// Episode 29: DIY White Challenge ///

/// White Box Challenge Reveal ///

/// White Box Challenge: Bloopers ///

/// Episode 30: Pyrite & Quartz Lucite Jewelry Boxes (pictured below) ///

Another DIY video will post today, with lots more creative content coming soon. I hope you are one of the many filling up your friend's feeds with vacation photos, and I hope to join in those efforts soon enough!

July 14, 2014

Episode 28 // Botanical Heart Art

I absolutely LOVE today's video where I take a simple fern leave and create heart art with it. Subscribe to HGTV Handmade here.

/// Meg's HGTV Handmade Playlist ///

July 11, 2014

This Week

+ I'm OBSESSED with this Swell wallpaper by Aimee Wilder. The whole Bungalow line is incredible, but this design and color combo is just really on my wavelength, man.

+ I take advise from Kelly Wearstler to heart, so if she says we need these 5 art books, then we do.

+ I ordered these Outsider Pants about a month ago and they rarely leave my bottom half. Pants that make you feel naked but leave you covered are my fav.

+ New App Alert: EWG // This is my jam. It lets you search or scan your cosmetics, suntan lotion, etc to see how toxic they are. Since cancer-causing agents lurk in many of our favorite brands and there is just too much information on the web to retain, this quick and easy guide is a crucial step in protecting yourself and your kids from cancer-causing hormones and ingredients. Arm yourself!