January 25, 2012

The dishes are done, man.

I am obsessed with my own fiestaware. Being able to change up the vibrant variety of lush colors daily keeps the collection fresh. It also makes it way easy to incorporate new fiestaware with the vintage I have collected through the years. It even made a cameo in my NEW FAVORITE SHOW.

My husband and I are in a race-through-the-day-to-get-home-to-watch-Breaking-Bad-until-we-pass-out kind of mind frame right now. Thank you, Netflix, for enabling us.


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

There's a booth at this antique mall in our town that is nothing but multitudes of fiestaware. Fiestaware is so bright and colorful.

Nest said...

Sounds like heaven!

polly conway said...

Gorgeous! My mom, after realizing that I will never marry, offered to get me my china pattern of choice anyway. Of course I chose Fiestaware! I only have two settings so far but it makes me feel like I'm living the good life. Yours looks great! :)