December 27, 2011

Dallas & Thirtysomething

I am OBSESSED with the aesthetics, style, wardrobes and sets of both Dallas and Thirtysomething. Dead serious. Get on board.

I grew up watching Dallas and re-fell in love circa 2006, only to have my love of everything Southfork grow exponentially through the years. You've read of my love of all things Ewing here before, and will again.

Thirtysomething I discovered as a mere 20-something in college. I watched wide-eyed envying the Steadman's and heart-breaking for the Westons. And visually I die for the chunky knit sweaters, shoulder-padded blazers and pretty much everything else worn in this 1987-91' television show. I am collecting images of each through the seasons to share some of their aesthetic inspiration with you. I EAT UP late-70's-early-90's style and love television shows during this time even more because of it. What shows do this for you?


filthy cute said...

i also have fallen in love with thirthysomething, but netflix only has through season 3 and a few episodes of season 4 - do you or anyone else know where i can find the last season online?

Nest said...

I watched some on Amazon instantly, then borrowed my girlfriend's dvds of season 4 & 5. I have watched the entire thing, with only the last episode to go. I just can't bring myself to let it end!