July 18, 2011

Nautical Lamp Re-Vamp & Beachy Bathroom Decor

Hello nesters and HAPPY SUMMER! My apologies for my absence, June was a month filled with friends and family in need, landmark moments, all rewarded with a week-long vacation. I have been working hard and playing hard, with lots of exciting projects in the works. There is a very exciting new step coming very soon, that I will share here on Nest first. In the meantime, I have bee blogging twice a week and making monthly videos for Craft. You can find my archives here!

In June's video I take my I-wish-I-lived-by-the-ocean bathroom to the next level with a few fun projects. I first took an old lamp and transformed it into a sweet new nautical accessory with rustic rope paired with the sharp white and navy stripes. Enjoy the video!

In addition to making the lamp, I reupholstered my vintage chair with a great Finnish fabric, made the sea urchin at the top of the post, and made a belt using sailor knots.

I actually feel more relaxed and calm when I shower or bathe in the lovely loo now. It is amazing what creating a little escape in your home will do for you. Do you have one?


Kas said...

I would love a how-to for that sea urchin - he kind of makes my day.

Beautila said...

Hi! Did you use the modpodge to make the edges neater?

Beautila said...

whoops... sorry I missed the part where you said 'so my paint won't leak'