July 14, 2010

Linus Clyde

This is Linus Clyde, our bunny rabbit. I adopted him my first winter in New York, seven and a half years ago. He was a baby and was found in a frozen over garden in Soho with no food or water. Originally a wild bunny, living in New York, he must have been adopted or caught and then let go into the garden. Once domesticated, bunnies can not survive on their own, so he needed a loving home. He found it.

When I lived in Manhattan with Justin (best friend), Linus hopped all around the apartment, jumped around, and was free a lot of the time. He is so hilarious and frisky and when he would get really excited, he would run up the wall.

Our Brooklyn apartment is way too dangerous for him, so a few years ago we researched how to adapt your bunnies to be able to live outside. He was originally a wild bunny and can adjust when put out in early Spring. This gives the bunny enough time for his body to adapt to the outside elements. Last week's high temperature was a bit much, so I took Linus in for a nice, cool bath. Here he is right after all wet and adorable and cleaning his little paws.

Linus lives in a two-story condo in the back yard. He loves it and runs up and down his ramp. We also let him out to romp around (withOUT the beagle present, of course). He is a sweetheart and is quite snuggly. Although when reaching in to feed him from above, he still tries to bite us daily. Bless his wild, rescued self.

And you guys, seriously, when he yawns and you see his little pink mouth and tiny white teeth, IT IS THE CUTEST THING OF ALL TIME!


Jeni @ peppertowne.com said...

now that is some sweet sweet bunny love!

EmilyKate said...

Oh, he's darling! I had bunnies growing up and would love one again but there are just too many electrical cords in our home, and we may move soon where we won't have any yard area.

Our friends had a three-legged house bunny (born that way) called Tripod, so cute and affectionate. But there must have been some other congenital problem with Tripod because he died very young.

teainwonderland said...

The family of a good friend lives just outside my city, nearby a lot of farmland (their property is huge though they are not a farm). They kept a rabbit for a while, but eventually didn't like the idea of keeping him in a cage with so much space around. He now lords over a little portion of the land near the house, just doin' his own thang. He seems a lot happier out of the little cage.

Real Life Reslers said...

Awww he's adorable!

Thera Joyce said...

aww..I love him! Thank goodness you rescued him.

Thera Joyce

missi said...

Aw he's so cute

Sheella said...

so adorable.