July 15, 2010

Cedar Tree Wall Art

I found this big piece of a cedar tree at the Union Square farmer's market a few weeks ago. I just loved the look of it, and it smells so fresh and lovely. It was a tree that had fallen down, and being cedar, it can be used as a natural pest repellent, and in my eyes, as a piece of art. I just added a simple hanger piece to the back and it's ready to go up.

Here it is hanging on the wall in our living room. I love it.

I may leave it as is, and I may sand it, stain it, and add a high gloss lacquer to it. Then I might add a little clock face to the lower left-hand circle shape to make it a little mid-century time-telling machine. What is your vote? Leave as is, or follow through to the next few steps?


Indil ♥ said...

It looks like a moose to me °-°
I would just add two funny sketchy eyes and leave it that way..

Anonymous said...

I would leave it as is, but I really like wood to be natural. You could always sand it and use an old fashioned beeswax treatment on it. It will give a pretty shine and you don't have to worry about the funky smell from chems. (*_*)~

Nest said...

Haha, Indil, I saw the moose in there too.

Beth, great suggestion. I have been looking for something that gives wood that shine without the chemicals. Thanks for the suggestion!

teainwonderland said...

That would make a cuuuuute rustic clock!

Lively said...

Leave it! It's Lovely!!

Seven said...