August 6, 2009

1950's Decor, Lina's Downtown Loft and DIY Floor Re-Do

My sincere apologies, you sweet Nest readers, for the neglect. I think of you daily, but have been insanely busy with the show these last few weeks. While I have been bustling around writing, filming, and making things to share with you, these three episodes were posted on Threadbanger. Check them out and let me know what you think by leaving comments on the Decor It Yourself page, or our YouTube page. Thank you and much love!

1950's Decor and Starburst Mirror

Lina's Downtown Loft Space

How To Red-Do Your Floors for Under $100


Michaela said...

i can't stop watching you as a 50's kick ass multi-talented, hard working independent lady! u are so freaking adorable!!! love will's cameo too, he has quite a natural acting talent i must say. i miss you guys! keep kickin ass meggers, so proud!

anastasiamae said...

I love the Starburst Mirror idea! I'm just dying to try it out one of these days! :D

I'm also a big fan of your blog, work, and the show! Keep up the good work! :D