July 8, 2009

Milo's Debut

Milo finally has his official debut on Decor It Yourself in today's episode! I am so proud of his amazing skills on camera. Gracie must have taught him how to be a star while we weren't home.


Caitlin said...

Thanks for telling us about the foster-to-adoption program. I'm going to have to look for that kind of program in Chicago. We're counting the days till September, when we can rescue a puppy. We need to be very selective because we already have four rabbits, and the foster thing would be perfect for us to make sure we find a puppy who won't be a problem for them.

I love that you feature your dogs in every episode. It's the only way I can get my husband to watch with me!

Impish said...

Awww Milo is so cute! We got our cat from a local farm. People drop off unwanted cats at farms because they figure they already have cats and can use a few more. But the farmers cant feed all those cats or afford to get them fixed, so it gets out of hand.

Saving animals from shelters and farms is the best!

~BeckZombie from Threadbanger

Rachel C. said...

you have a new beagle! he's such a cutie pie, too!

Cuervito said...

Owwww he's so cuteee! I loved all about that program, too bad that in my country there's nothing like that (Im from Argentina).

I rescued one of my dogs from the street when he was a puppy (i found him in a plastic bag with the placenta in it. Some people is just disgusting... >_<). I think that if we could have a program like this one here, we could have more happy puppies and families =(

I have to agree with Impish (aka BeckZombie xD) Saving animals is the best!

Michaela said...

bravo milo! you are a natural! you must take after your mom and sister.

can't wait to hug and kiss you soon!