February 4, 2009

DIY Bed Canopies

In my Decor It Yourself Valentine's Day special, I show you how to make your own bed canopy.

See how to make your own, WAY EASY and uber sexy in this video.

This is a closer look at the finished piece.

Before the new addition, we had this whimsical netting option, which might make a come-back this Summer.


kendra said...

This is gorgeous! I really would like to try this out myself. My only concern is whether while reading or tossing around in your sleep, you might pull the fabric accidentally and have the whole thing crash down? I'm so accident prone that is this was possible, I'd do it...

Nest said...

Kendra, I am the biggest klutz around and my husband is quite the thrasher while he sleeps, so I understand. We have slept with the canopy for about a week now and it has been completely secure and safe. If you want to ensure it never moves, you can add a stitch to keep it attached to the curtain rod. Give it a try!

Barbara said...

Hi Meg, I just stumbled on your site today and I absolutely love it! You have great style and taste. I love the pillow cases on your bed, do you mind telling me where you found them? Thanks!

Nest said...

Welcome Barbara, I am so glad you found Nest!
The pillowcases are Marimekko from Crate and Barrel.
Enjoy and have a lovely week!
xo, Meg

Stefanie923 said...

This is so pretty! Where did you get the globe light? I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg, I really liked your netting canopy. I'm currently trying to make something similar for my dorm room - could you tell how you made it and what material you used?
Thanks, Kate

Nest said...

Kate, there is a whole episode of Decor It Yourself where I show you step-by-step how to make a canopy for yourself! It is linked in the blog post, and here is the YouTube link: http://youtu.be/j0_OYxE1a_Q

I hope this helps!
xo, Meg