June 26, 2017

DIY Pool Float Sunglasses + Free Printable

When you go to the pool or beach this summer you are going to need super cute sunglasses that look adorable in photos, are waterproof, and actually float! Today Meg shows you how to make these fun and easy DIY Pool Float Sunglasses in flamingo, swan, or pineapple shapes. Which design is your favorite?


Debican said...

omg...these are too cute. Thanks for the template. :)

Eagle Pass Injury Lawyer said...

These are the perfect thing to make with friends and use in fun summer photos. Which design do you like the best?

Sahiba Gurung said...


Atulika Dudha said...

Loved your Idea for these DIY's. Will try them for my sister's birthday(pool) party. :)

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