April 8, 2014

Home Decor Score


I am obsessed with the clean, mod work of designer Massimo Vignelli. He is most recognized for his Heller kitchenware, although the body of work by him and his wife is vast and worth the research. Growing up my mom had these fantastic Heller kitchen canisters, and my Nana had this navy blue pitcher and mug set (pictured below). I also have a canary yellow pitcher, mug, and tray set that belonged to my Nana that are all perfect for outdoor summer meals.

I have been hunting down pieces on Etsy and Ebay for years, and after a month-long hostage-like situation at the post office due to an error in a change-of-address form, I finally have my recent pastel purchase home where it belongs. Our new kitchen needed some colorful new mugs/cups, so when I spotted this set of pastel Heller Maxmugs on ebay, I finally found the perfect new addition for the spring and summer seasons. I could just eat up the clean, mod lines and the whimsical pastel palette, and am now counting down the days until I have the space and money for Vignelli's *modular white shelves. Until then, I'll keep hunting for a white Heller record rack like this one.

* I scoured the internet and could not locate a photo of these shelves. But those of you who've watched Thirtysomething have seem them in Ellyn's apartment and KNOW what I'm talking about. MOD PERSONIFIED.

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Alkhaleejion Riyadh Kitchens said...

I think the same way and yes agreed that many decor ideas that I liked most and want to copy but unable to do so because of the un-found material, tough I searched net thoroughly but hard luck and no success, have you found any cure of it yet.

Sheena @ Sophistishe said...

My mom thrifted a yellow set of Heller mugs back in the 90's and I've been watching a set on Etsy. I had no idea they came in so many colors! Great blog, btw!