January 29, 2014

This/That: Mid-Week Edition

*This week's This/That is delayed, thanks to the lovely and all-too-reliable Time Warner Cable. Yeah, TWC, I'm talkin' to YOU. You, who goes out for no reason at all making it impossible to work on the internet. We are now mos def switching to Fios. 

This/last weekend I...

+ Set our little kitchen table with this adorable CLOUD napkin holder. Why is it so cute?

+ Art directed the kitchen linens. Now this hand towel is having a design dialogue with this rug.

+ Made and labeled this and this. Both gluten-free and both DELICIOUS. I swear, if you use coconut oil anything gluten-free is a heavenly treat. Also, this.

+ Found the perfect co-worker companion spot for Gracie Mansion. I am not totally into the fabric so am thinking a reupholstery situation might be in order. 

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