January 6, 2014

HGTV Handmade // Episode 1 // Driftwood + Gem Centerpiece

I am so pleased to share with you the very first episode of HGTV Handmade, the new YouTube channel for DIYers + crafters. In this first episode I show you how to make a gem and driftwood sculpture that you can use as a table centerpiece, display as art on your bookshelf, or suspend from the ceiling for a real eye-catching moment. A series of these sculptures would bring a colorful organic vibe to any party, event, or wedding. Watch the video right here, then head on over to HGTV Handmade and click SUBSCRIBE to receive alerts when we post a new video. 

You will get innovative content from the top taste-makers on the internet every single week. We will show you how to make your house the aspirational home you want in an easy, accessible way. Be sure to comment on each video telling us what you'd like to see on the channel so we can make that happen for you. Thank you so much and here's to a successful launch!

*Yes, you do see a spelling error in that thumbnail unfortunately. HGTV posted it, fixed it immediately, but it takes awhile to correct on YouTube's end. FIRST PANCAKE!

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