June 24, 2013

Easy Summer Veggie Pasta


- Elbow macaroni pasta (I gluten-free Quinoa pasta)
- Mayonnaise
- Celery
- Cherry tomatoes
- Broccoli 
- Sea salt 

 *It is preferable to use organic ingredients whenever possible.

Step 1- Cook your pasta according to the directions. I used Gluten-free pasta for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was. I thought there would be a huge difference but there truly wasn't. Both Will and I thought this tasted delicious and are thrilled to have a g-free pasta option for easy summer meals.

Step 2- Drain your pasta and run it under cold water while mixing it until it is cool.

Step 3- Add a heaping spoonful of mayonnaise and mix it into the pasta. The amount of mayo will depend on how much pasta you use and your taste. I used almost a whole box of pasta and about 3 tablespoons of mayo. 

Step 4- Dice your cherry tomatoes, celery, and broccoli (or whatever your fav veggie combo is) into bite size pieces and add them into your pasta. I added about a half a cup of each veggie.

Step 5- Salt to taste and stir your mixture up.

Step 6- Serve, enjoy, and save the rest for easy lunches!

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