April 3, 2013

Diving into Gluten-Free

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As I briefly mentioned, this year my husband and I have been living in an episode of Mystery Diagnosis over the last year, as my darling Will was having some frightening health issues. In between December and March we saw 10 different doctors all searching for an answer. Western medicine failed us time and time again, so we've gone a more non-traditional holistic route and are finally finding answers and making progress. It is still new for us so sharing it before we fully understand it is hard, but what I can share freely with you are the diet and lifestyle changes we are making. A major part of treatment for Will is a gluten-free, yeast-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, soy-free diet. If you are wondering what is left, basically just greens and meat. My loyal animal advocate has been a vegetarian for the last 15 years, and while that has always been a really important commitment and lifestyle for Will, you might imagine it's impossible to maintain with this new diet. Torn to the core he was, but Will ultimately had to choose to NOT DIE and do what the experts and our research said was necessary and start eating meat again. That alone has been a new but exciting part of the journey.

My first chicken rub.

What ELSE can Will eat on this new diet? I will be sharing with you the delicious discoveries we have made on this journey so far. It is surprisingly refreshing to know exactly what you can and can't eat, and I have taken it as a challenge and opportunity to create new culinary creations that will get my husband back! A healthy family is the most important thing, and I have gone without that for so long that any dramatic diet restriction is a gluten-free cake walk compared to this last year. I'll be sharing recipes and discoveries here, and would love to hear any gluten/yeast/sugar/wheat/soy/alcohol-free options you have to offer!

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JC said...

Hey Meg (longtime Threadbanger/YouTube fan here). I recently came across a really good foodie blog called "Slim Palate" and he mainly does Paleo (sugar/flour free) stuff, so you might want to check it out for some ideas. I'm not sure if all his recipes apply, but it's worth checking it out. Wishing you and Will the best, JC.

Nest said...

Thank you for the helpful tip JC!
Xo Meg

Unknown said...

Good luck Meg + Will! I've been GF for a while, and now I'm about to start an elimination diet to see what else is making me so sick + tired. Praying you both find the answers you need.
xo, Michelle
P.S. NourishingMeals.com has been a great resource as I plan my first round of testing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,

sorry to hear about that. Hopefully those new eating habits will be very helpful for both of you guys. I started this year becoming vegan and gluten free advocate my self and it is the best I have ever felt.

I follow the "Crazy Sexy Diet" by Kris Karr and her books "Crazy Sexy Diet" and "Crazy Sexy Kitchen", they have helped me so much.

Good luck,


Sandra said...


I think recipes for LCHF food, low carb high fat, might be a good inspiration for you. LCHF food are made with ingridients containing less than 5% carbs which eliminates almost everything with gluten, wheat and sugar. Meat, eggs, full-fat dairy and vegetables which grow above the ground are common. I don't know how much sugar you can eat and still count it as sugar-free but in LCHF fruit contain too much sugar but most vegetables are ok. LCHF is a swedish diet so I think most recipes are in swedish, but here http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf you can find some information in english.

LCHF has become almost like a religion for some people in Sweden and I somtimes find it a little scary, but I think some of the recipes might be helpfull for you. You can eat "oopsies" instead of bread, cauliflower instead of potatoes and lettuce instead of hamburger buns.

Good luck to you both!


Nest said...

Thank you for the sweet support and the helpful links and advice Michelle, Sergio, and Sandra! It really helps to know we are now a part of a welcoming and informative community!

xox, Meg

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