March 21, 2013

Records: Labeled + Sleeved

In this week's This/That I shared the above photo of our Elton John record collection. It's a combination of vinyl I've thrifted over the years and my dad's coveted collection that he recently bestowed upon us. Now that they are in OUR apartment, home of Willie Dictionary + Handstand Records, they are in the protective hands of record sleeves. OCD? Anal? Maybe. But we like to think of this truly effective way of preserving our beloved records as EFFICIENT. 

My dad labeled this particular Elton John record ALLAN, in his unmistakable all-caps block letters with his football-Coach-necessity, a red pen. I find this incredibly comforting for some reason. Our records are labeled and sleeved by *my two Williams. 

*Dad-William John Allan 
Husband-William Battle Cole III

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