August 2, 2012

DIY Paper Cut Lamps in our Home

My papercut lamps have found their permanent places in our home and I am digging the modern geometric detail they add.

The two-toned blue lamp is in the book nook in the bedroom and looks lovely with our headboard and swimming prints (not pictured). This may indicate that we switched our bedroom and office and WE DID. The switch was the right move, and the rooms are incredibly improved and look amazing and I will share them with you soon.

Here is the neon lamp in the living room hanging above our vintage Knoll studio table.


sherryhouse said...

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deepti said...

I made this lamp for the secret santa event at work! Loved the fact that it is simple to make and looks so classy! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

Alice said...

Simple to make and looks so Beautiful Specially for Ladies Like me.

Alice John