March 19, 2012

While I am Away

Tomorrow, my husband and I depart for a week long VACATION. Life is always busy, but the last several months have been particularly over-the-top on the work-load front and we have never needed sand between our toes so badly! While we are relaxing and maxing all cool, here are a few things to keep you occupied and entertained.

I blog daily for CRAFT, usually under the design, art, fashion, or beauty category. The entire blog is FANTASTIC with everything from delicious recipes to great DIYS and crafts. If you need to play catch up, here are my archives.

Refinery 29 is a daily read for me and I specifically love when they feature a full-out stunning apartment tour of some incredibly stylish editor/artist/designer with killer taste, especially when they are in a coveted pocket of Brooklyn like Boerum Hill. Feast your eyes on all of these qualities rolled into one spot here. Below are a couple of my fav DAILY reads along with a recent FAV post or two or three.

*Design Sponge, sneak peek: husky ranch

*The Selby, House tours of Otto Sander, Angelika Taschen, & Confetti System.

*Cup of Jo, Steinbeck on Love. And because I feel the second kind of love described for my beloved husband, Do you ever worry about your partner dying? YES.


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