February 28, 2012

Living Room UP-GRADES

I will never leave our new West Elm couch now that it has arrived. It is BLUE. And GORGEOUS. And ultra-modern and yet oh-so-cozy and 100% LOUNGE-tastic! What a perfect place to spend my weekends/rest of my life.

Due to the amazing fact that while the new couch is actually larger than our old couch it is much more compact so....YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!?

We utilize this new found space with a Herman Miller industrial table from Two Jakes, the BEST mid-century furniture source other than Knoll Studio proper. The table seats 2 perfectly, and 4 if need be. In one weekend we ate, French-pressed, read the paper, played Scrabble, and I played with the art of paper cut all on this perfect table.


Alison Odowski said...

Love it!!! The table runner looks like it's from Guatemala! How cool is that? It has Quetzales on it, the green birds. SWEET! Miss & love you infinity!

Unknown said...

It's lovely, I adore a blue couch! :)

bashfulbirdie said...

Sad the yellow couch had to go BUT this couch looks fannntastic in your home. Love the clean lines.

Amie said...

Gorgeous!! Love how it looks with the tables. I would fall asleep on that ALL of the time.