December 30, 2011

New Upholstered Addition to the Family

My husband and I have been on the hunt for a new couch for the past couple of years. We love our currect couch, the "black hole of cozy", but it has several problems. It is awful for our backs, impossible to keep clean, and is HUGE. It is half of a 2-piece circle couch in a bright yellow that everyone thinks is green. It is aesthetically stellar but incredibly cumbersome, a quality New York City residents can't afford in their furniture choices. Here it is basking in the glory of it's press from Time Out New York and Apartment Therapy.

For a design enthusiast with Bo Concept taste and an Ikea budget needs time to locate the perfect piece to fill their very specific needs. After hunting for some time I found the perfect couch! It is the Baxter sectional from West Elm in a high-performance velvet (it totally doesn't look like velvet, I swear) in the shade Lagoon!

We went to the store and sat, lounged, relaxed on the couch. We asked copious questions about fabric durability, dog hair clean-up (our lives are sad) and when we felt that this couch sufficiently fills all of our needs, we ordered it! We left convinced it is the couch for us. A financial commitment ensued, and our couch is being custom made for us as I type. It will arrive in a couple of weeks and I am beside myself with glee. I can't wait to do a photoshoot when it arrives and sits gorgeously in our home ready for it's new SNUG LYF. Will I have a hoarder-like melt-down when I have to say goodbye to the old couch? Probably. I am a grown-up child of divorce who avoids separation and endings at all costs, but this one will be worth it!

We will miss you yellow (yes, it really is yellow) couch.


CleverPlumage said...

Two beautiful couches. I have always been drawn to your yellow couch since I first saw your videos. I am however, absolutely confident in your ability to choose a new and more functional piece for your lovely home. I wish you the best in your goodbyes. Parting is sweet, know that your yellow couch might just be the piece that someone out there in this universe has been looking for to complete their nest.

brandon said...

3 years in, how's the couch holding up? We're considering the same model.