September 15, 2011

Peter Pan Collar Pattern

Peter Pan collars are a classic look worn by women since the early 20th century, but they scream Twiggy and Rosemary Woodhouse due to their mod come-back in the 60's.

I have always loved this classic look, and wanted to put my own spin on it including sequin plaid and faux leather.

Here are 3 modern DIY ways to create your own timeless, classic Peter Pan collar inspired by the Spring 2012 Fashion Week runways.

Here is the paper pattern I used to create my Peter Pan collars in the video. The marked spots measure 8 1/8" on my pattern, so print your out at that size, or adjust according to your neck measurements.

You can play with the size of the lapels and make them as large or small as you want. Add a scalloped edge to make a scalloped collar! How would you spin it?


Vanessa said...


♔Reyna♔ said...

I just found this and I thought it was such a GREAT idea! I am now a new follower. I found tons of stuff at a garage sale but I have to shorten or take them in and that leaves me w/tons of extra fabric. So this is a wonderful idea. Thanks! I would love it if you passed by my blog, or my youtube channel:

Can't wait to read thru ur blog!

Leslie Christen | LifeStyling said...

so classic but can translate so well to modern!

Love it

xo Leslie

The Reviewer said...

You have a great blog Ms Cole - just my cup of tea. When you have the time please check out my site - - it would be nice to hear what you think of it.

By the way, love the Mia Farrow pic - my style one hundred percent.

Prudence said...

Just about to try this :D hope it works out :) xx

Amandine. said...

Quel genre de tissu utilisez-vous pour que ├ža tient comme un vrai col ?
Which kind of fabric do you use to take it like a real neck?
Please, answer me in frensh if you can, my english is so bad.. :(

Anonymous said...

tu dois acheter de l'entoilage Amandine !

C'est un truc que tu mets entre les deux morceaux de tissus avant de coudre.

C'est ce dont tu as besoin si tu veux un col qui tient :)

Anonymous said...

Please comment faire le sorte de coeur je le trouve pas sur le net. Please how can I do the heart for the collar i CANNOT PRINT and When I draw is not perfect :( it's weird lol If you have some advices.....????????? Thank you