August 23, 2011

80's Punk Fringe Glove Video

In today's video for Meg Allan Cole Crafts I show you how to make a sweet 80's punk vegan leather fringe glove as an homage to one of my all-time favorite John Hughes movies, Some Kind of Wonderful.

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I have been dreaming of the gloves Watts wears in this film forever and design a simpler version to suit the vegan leather I picked up at my local fabric shop.

Here is a template to use for your pattern piece. Make sure it yours is twice the width of your hand plus two inches.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the soundtrack. It is timeless, epic, and incredibly atmospheric.


Suzanne in TX said...

Hello--loved the video and this idea! What type of presser foot are you using while sewing the vegan leather (pleather)?
Thanks in advance!
Suzanne in TX

Nest said...

I used the standard, same presser foot that is already on that puppy. The vegan leather really required no extra work or tools. A nice, easy surprise.

Vanessa said...

hi, Nest

Love you video on youtube. By the way, you make me home sick for my NYC. I lived there my whole life and then I moved to Florida. I so miss the season changing, the stores, amazing food and everything NY. Keep posting and I'll keep stopping by.

Thanks for sharing.