August 18, 2010


Tied with The Pixies as my favorite band of all-time, PULP is as stylish as it is delicious to listen to. Atmospheric, epic, sassy, moody, sexy, PULP is Brit-rock at it's best.

A pre-teen me saw the Different Class album in a record store in State College, PA, and without even listening to it, HAD to have it. Bought on site with just the aesthetic sealing the deal, I have never been so satisfied with a discovery.

As if their music wasn't enough, their tangible aesthetic slays me as well. Capturing the raw, sexy atmosphere of their sound, each album has killer art, and a lot of it. Different Class even let you choose your own album cover(!!!). Someday I will own all, framed, in my basement lounge with shag carpet and wood paneled walls.

I could devour it all.

I've been working on this entry for a minute, so I died a little seeing Apartment Therapy's post this morning on Jarvis Cocker, the lead singer as a style icon.

Even his offspring is equally as stylish.


Karen said...

Pulp is delicious, a marvel for all the senses!

Limey said...

Jarvis Cocker is nothing but fabulous. He once did a documentary in theUK on 'Outsider Art' where he used his art degree knowledge to discuss the most incredibly bizarre outsider art. Such a great show and I wish I could find it on YouTube. Also, Pulp's 'Different Class' is timeless. Classic.