July 9, 2010

Gracie & Rasputin

Gracie's really good friend, Rasputin, is a precious and precocious Siamese cat who lives in the apartment below ours.

They met when Rasputin was a little teeny tiny friend, so I truly do not think they know they are even different species. Gracie twirls right in front of his face and he swats at her tail. They are a match made in heaven.

Although don't tell Milo, he hunts our little kitty friend so now we have play-dates at Rasp's house.


Can I Shoot You? said...

oh my! too cute! I work for a feline practitioner in Chicago and we have a client called Rasputen but we call her Rassy. :)
Cute blog entry!

Drea said...

They are both beautiful. Sometimes I wonder if my dog and cat know they aren't of the same species. :P

Thera Joyce said...

aww...How cute! I love your pup! I have a chihuahua too. His name is Higgins.

Thera Joyce