July 6, 2010

The Black Room

While I love a crisp, clean modern white palette for most of my home, I am really loving the idea of having one black room.

A classic black room with pops of rich colors like gold, blue and magenta can create a really sophisticated and inspired atmosphere.

This kitchen is the first black room that really sparked my interest. There is a perfect balance with the white cabinets and refrigerator. The clean black and white let the aqua door and art work really shine.

A black bedroom serves as a dark cocoon to read, relax and rest in.

Donatella Versace's version includes bold white moldings to give the dark space structure and depth.

On the chic black walls I would have gold accents like these Brass Wall Flowers.

Images from Domino, Apartment Therapy and Living Etc.


Real Life Reslers said...

I have never thought black would work as a paint color but those pics changed my mind. They looked sophisticated.

Matti said...

Great look with the black room. I guess you could push it more using either a warmer black like a deep chocolate color, or a cool black. We are planning on putting some terracotta on the kitchen wall to make some of our wall mounted plants pop...now I think we need to, at least, consider a black..hum.. Matti

woonch said...

Hi Meg! :) I know its a little "superstitious" to say this, but be careful when u use black in your bedroom! some say that having black walls will absorb your energy, making you more tired when you wake up in the morning. But i think its the way the rooms are being decorated in the pictures are really nice! :)

Nest said...

Matti, let me know what color you decide on. What fun choices there are.

Woonch, that is a good thing to be aware of. I think if you balance the energy out with enough rich pops of color, it will bounce right back to you. Just a theory though.

I love when I am pulled toward something that surprises me. Thanks for the feedback guys!

ABC Dragoo said...

I have been writing a series of posts on my blog - 'decorating dark' http://www.abcddesign.com/?s=decorating+dark

It's quite sophisticated! Stay tuned, I am amidst a renovation where I intend to use black on the walls and ceiling in a powder room, as the kitchen cabinet color ... and will possibly make use graphite and charcoal in other areas as well.

Nice to meet you recently on Twitter. I look forward to visiting your blog often!