August 27, 2009

Feed the Birds

I now have the new hobby of bird feeding. I should be a retired older man, but instead I am a Brooklynite about to turn 30, with new-found bird friends that I feed daily. I love to see the same little birdies come back day after day, and now take the responsibility to heart. Do you feed birds? If so, what bird feeder do you recommend?


Rachel C. said...

in tennessee, we have lots of hummingbirds. i've always had a feeder outside of my kitchen window, wherever i've lived. once, i counted 16 hummingbirds by my house!

Anonymous said...

This past Fall, I started feeding birds too and putting up birdhouses in our backyard. Now we've attracted all sorts of little cuties. We have three feeders and each feeder is a little different and each type seems to attract different types of birds. There is a backyard bird store here in Portland where I recently visited, mostly frequented by an older and retired crowd....But what the heck I like having the birds around especially in the AM when I drink my coffee. Dee