June 8, 2009

Upcycled Pendant Lanterns

I must say, I LOVE how the lanterns turned out for my Earth Day episode of Decor It Yourself. This is one of those projects I had been designing in my brain for quite some time and finally executed for the show. This is how they look hanging in our home.

My taste certainly isn't for everyone, but they suit us just fine. I particularly dig the chicken wire's industrial look mixed with the delicacy of the antique spoons. The vintage tin house numbers and sign letters make for a really unique look.

What crazy ideas do you have floating around in your brains that you just haven't gotten around to making yet?


anomalie said...

I really love interesting lighting like this.

I've been wanting to make some kind of paper lantern thing to cover the ugly overhead pot-lights I have in my apartment. I just haven't figured out the perfect way yet!

I've also been keeping any nice-looking bottles (wine/olive oil/fancy sparkling fruit juice) as well as a pair of champagne flutes we were given in hopes of coming up with a cute little project for them, but nothing so far. :(

raggedy ash said...

wow, digging your stuff/blog. i'm working on a tin numbers project myself right now - how fun! do you have any extra tin numbers you didn't use that you'd like to sell? i've scoured etsy, craigslist, whathaveyou to add to my junk sale acquisitions at home and am still short some numbers. thought i'd take a chance and at least ask! let me know...

keep on stylin in the free world!

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