April 29, 2009

Williamsburg's Daily Footprint

One of my favorite parts of Free Williamsburg is the daily footprint. Snap shots of things seen around the ever-changing canvas of a neighborhood we live in.

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hey meg, my name is julia, i am from heidelberg, germany and i am all into your show and the whole DIY threadbanger concept. next week i fly to NYC as a matron of honor for my best friends wedding and i get to spend 4 days in ny.

since she will be busy preparing her wedding i was wondering if there are some craft shows in your area or anything you could suggest that i can visit? like where in brooklyn can i find all those awesome vintage and indie design shops that are being feautured on your blog / TB. is there a cool website that can help me find that stuff? and is it safe for me to run around by myself? i used to live in LA for a while and wheneve i was walking around alone ppl wpould scold bcs it s supposedly dangerous... dunno about the US, haha... anyways!
many greetings from overseas, and - and this might sound silly - i REALLY always cannot wait for the next cutest episode, bcs you are just too much fun on that show!