April 23, 2009

Please Help Us Fight MS

MS is a disease that hits me close to home. My lovely and amazing sister, Lauren, has been living with it for over two years. Each year we take a stand together as a team, against MS on our annual walk. This is our 3rd walk, and we are doing our best to raise awareness and funds for research this Saturday. If you can't be there with us this Saturday in Washington, D.C., ANY donation is greatly appreciated. You can click here to make a donation to our team, The Laurenettes, or Paypal me (meg@EnderbyDesigns.com) the money to include in my donation check. You can trust me to give every penny to fight something that means so much to my family.

Thank you for any $5, $10, even a $2 donation counts and shows your support of people living with MS, and the families who adore them.

Do you know anyone with MS? If you do, you understand how important this is. Here's to finding a cure!

***Up-Date: So far, a huge THANK YOU goes out to Thea Lornie, Polly Conway, Heather Burgher, Barbara Cole, Daisy Edwards, Anthony Carboni, Cammy McFadden, Dave Shuff, Amy Merrick, Kelly Demaree, Geofrrey Ollwerther, and to an anonymous donor! Thank you thank you. The walk was a huge success, and our team was there in full effect. We raised over $2,000 with the checks we added on the last day. I will let you know when we get the final tally.

xoxox, Meg


pollyanna cowgirl said...

Hi Meg! My Dad has had MS for 15 years, and while he's doing well, MS sucks and I'd like to see it cured.

I can't wait for all the new research that will be possible under Obama.

Have fun at your marathon-- :)


Nest said...

I FEEL you, Pollyanna. I want to kick MS's ass and look so forward to what this administration can do to help.
We walk right in the middle of downtown D.C. so it feels close to the source.
Please help spread the word about donations!
Sending support to your dad, Meg

Anonymous said...

just tellh er to keep on going and always keep her head high and be a stubborn bi**h my step dads sister has been dealing with ms for 35 years and is now 65 and still going strong
you will be seeing a donation from me <3


Nest said...

THANK YOU Thea! I appreciate the donation so much! I will definitely pass along that message. My sister will get a kick out of it:)

Thank you so much.

xox, Meg

Anonymous said...

glad i could help sweetie ^_^

much love

Anonymous said...

oh and hey sweetie did you send out the book ?
cause i still haven't gotten it