April 9, 2009

Name All Six Sets and WIN a Free Gift

On The Set is an incredible and remarkably tiny endeavor. Micro-miniature, to-the-tee replications of your old favorite classic television sets. This is even better than the doll house my dad made that has real electricity running through it. Read below to participate in this fun mini-contest.

Who can name all SIX television show sets? Whoever gets them all correct will receive a FREE gift from Enderby Designs. Leave your responses in a comment below.


: industrious fern : Sarah said...
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: industrious fern : Sarah said...

I only guessed number 2 by the way. But I am British, that's my excuse!

A said...

Family Ties, Golden Girls, Growing Pains, 3s Company, Brady Bunch and Designing Women!!!
These are amazing

Anonymous said...

i got it! family ties, golden girls, facts of life, 3s company, brady bunch, designing women!

tera said...

Family Ties
Golden Girls
Facts of Life
Three's Company
Brady Bunch
Designing Women

The sad part is I actually watched all those shows!

Plastic Crocodile said...

1. family ties
2. golden girls
3. The Facts of life
4. threes company
5. The Brady Bunch
6. designing woman

Lauren said...

Family Ties - loved that show
Golden Girls
Facts of Life
Three's Company
The Brady Bunch
Designing Women

Dana said...

WOW!! Those are amazing :)

Let's see....

1Family Ties
2Golden Girls
3Facts of Life
4Three's Company
5Brady Bunch
6Designing Women

Thanks for sharing these with us!!
I am inspired :)


Annis said...

Family Ties
Golden Girls
Growing Pains
Threes Company
Brady Bunch and
Designing Women

watching that much tv is good for something!

Michelle Greenman said...

It is Family ties (its funny all i could remember is seeing Micael j fox there, it took me a minute after that), Golden girls, facts of life (when they are in college), three's company (that one is hard becasue you cant see the stairs so well), brady bunch and designing women (i show I loved)