March 12, 2009

L-Shaped Desk

My husband and I run his indie record label Handstand, my design company Enderby, and keep what we need for Decor It Yourself and Olde Ghost all from one room. So we need the space to be well-organized, multi-faceted, inspiring, and have a good energy flow.

Before, our computer desk was in a corner facing a wall with a gaggle of cords and wires. It felt cramped and cluttered.

Now, our desk faces the windows so you have lovely view while working. Will re-wired everything to be much more stream-lined and clean.

We have the Enderby shelves to the left and the records to the right.

The desk has a huge surface area for everything we need to work comfortably, and room for pieces that create an inspiring aesthetic.

The vintage L-shaped desk we got off of Cragslist for $100 makes it possible to have the computer and sewing machine out and ready for use at any time.

This office re-vamp has already proven to garner more productivity and a more enjoyable work day.


anonymously chic said...

lovely office space (and your dog is pretty cute too!)

mimi said...

Hey Meg,
I've been a huge fan of Nest & Decor It Yourself! Thought it was about time to let you know how much I appreciate what you're doing. Keep up the great work!

Venus_in_Faux_Furs said...

How did you make the awesome record shelves? It seems vinyl storage options are impossible to find. Right now I am forced to settle for these plastic cubes. Any advice would be VERY appreciated.
P.S. Love your office. Designing a workspace to accommodate both yours and your husband's businesses is nothing short of pure brilliance.

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David Whittington said...

Would definitely love to find out more about the record shelves.