February 10, 2009

Kitchen Up-Grade

Just another DIY weekend at the Cole's.




Tiffany said...

ooooh! i love it! I'm so jealous you can decorate your place the way you want. I live in a rented flat and its a no go area! :( love all your little nick nacks! SO CUTE!!! x

Rachel C. said...

i have aluminium canasters exactly like those!

Sarah said...

1. I followed your link off of Cup of JO, solely because of the phrase, "Mother Effer." I have a dear friend who always says "Mother Eff" to just about any situation, and your comment made me laugh, so thanks. :)
2. I have that red wall clock in green! I found it at a TJMaxx or Marshalls, and it's been one of my favorite purchases, because it goes anywhere and looks cool. Nice room!
-Red (www.thenakedredhead.com)

Michaela said...

LOVES IT- you and will got magic hands my friend! MAGIC HANDS! :)