January 9, 2009

Go See 'Bride Wars' This Weekend

Head on over to Threadbanger to read my post on Bride Wars. Please go see this female-written and driven comedy this weekend and support some very special and talented ladies. Two of my dear friends wrote it and star in it, and after being privileged enough to attend the premiere, I can attest to it's hilarity!


frnasy said...

In life there are one occasion any one love to make it as dream. Hire in the movie called Bride Wars (2009) I just saw topic that important thing in two wonderful ladies. Who are very much grow up together. Saw they dream from the childhood to take their both weeding on the same day. Of course they even found their love ones together, in the mean time because of simple mistake only ones wedding can be taken on the dream hotel. This simple thing destroy their friend ship in quick time and tries to stop each other wedding. Saw this wonderful movie on http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com it is the most hilarious wedding story I ever experience.

Michaela said...

we are so funny check out my blog :) gooo casey and june!!!! so brilliant.

Michaela said...

so funny- check out my blog :) though we are apart we are on the same page my dear.