November 6, 2008

Elements of our Wedding

I have had some very powerful and special women in my life, and through the years their pocket books have been passed down to me. I have a few of Oma's, Barbara's mom, and several from my Nana's family. A couple of years ago, my (now) mother-in-law gave me a few from her mother, aunt and grandmother. These purses mean so much me, as relics from the beautiful women who are part of my lineage, my past and will always remain in my heart.

I wanted the energy of these women present at our wedding, even if the individuals could not be there. So I gave each of my bridesmaids one of these special bags to carry throughout the day and night. It felt that the energy and style from the women who came before us was present and helped usher us into our new life as husband and wife.


Rea P said...

I love the purses! Which ones were Aunt Dora's?

Biz said...

i feel like you planned my dream wedding... simple, personal, lovely. and i dig your blog!
i'm muddling through the process now (wedding planning and blogging) and hope i make it. ;) either way in the end I get to be married, right?