November 22, 2008

Almost Advent

Remember Advent Calenders? Remember the eager anticipation of opening another window, eating another piece of reindeer-shaped-chocolate to symbolize being one step closer to biggest day of the year. My sweet mom still buys advent calenders and gives them to us each year when we are home for Thanksgiving.

This year, Will and I are having our own Thanksgiving in our home here in Brooklyn for the very first time. We are going to have a lovely meal with good friends and are very excited to be creating our own traditions and memories as a married couple.

But when I must admit, when I came across this cool advent calender on Etsy, it made me a little homesick for my mom's pumpkin bread and advent calenders.

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Ms. Brett said...

I love those chocolate calendars - when we were in college, Mom would mail them to SarahScott and me. It was the very first present of the season!