September 1, 2008

My Very Own Tomatoes Part II

My tomatoes are ripe and ready.

I picked my very first tomatoes from my garden. It is all-too-perfect that today is my Nana's birthday. I think she would be proud.

2 comments: said...

That's fantastic, congratulations! They look great!

kikisforcupcakes said...

I am glad to see you are using a ladder as a trellis also! My boyfriend and I found an old ladder (the step ladder type—you know, inverted V with hinges) at a yard sale for seven dollars and used it as a trellis for our cucumber plants. It has worked great! Plus, it looks awesome! We also used a wooden pallet we found on the side of the road as a trellis for our squash plants, which has worked wonderfully as well. Great job on your tomatoes! My roma's and cherry's are out of control doing great!