September 3, 2008

DIY Weddings

This week, for the final installment of Decor It Yourself, we show you how to have a DIY wedding with handmade Save-the-Dates. Weddings can end up all looking the same, so we give you a guide to help you make yours your own. Do-it-yourself and make your nuptials an individual and greener event. Click here to read the blog entry on vintage weddings.


emily said...

love your blog!
happy wedding day.

Aurora199 said...

Final Installment? This can't possibly be the final episode of Decor It Yourself! Please say it isn't so.

florspace said...

I'm gonna miss you so much, Meg! I've come to look forward to the tuesdays Decor it yourself episodes. Have a wonderful wedding but do come back! ;+)