July 8, 2008

Episode 19

This week, we use a cool technique and create graffiti lace. From this we make a tablecloth, dress, scarf and more. We take a peek into one of the loveliest homes in Brooklyn and have a fun new contest for all you green nesters out there.


Erica said...

you are so awesome!

please do something on shelves! i have so many books and no where to put them!

Lauren said...

Hi Meg!

I just wanted to say that I loved the lace idea! I never thought to use it that way. I have some lace stuff from my grandmother that has a nice pattern but isn't too great to use for much else. I'll most likely use this idea in the future.

Keep em coming!

-Lauren Eleanor.

Concha said...

I loved the lace graffiti! Very clever, Meg! :)