March 25, 2008

DIY Lighting


Walk in the Woods said...

I've been pondering some lighting changes lately, so this post is timely for me. I had forgotten about paper lanterns and their other hanging cousins! May have to even try making my own!


BTW - love your show!!

Buckett said...

I love the links you provide. Once I move into my new flat in Montreal I will definitely be applying some of these ideas.

Some Tips of my own.

* take a look at your local hardware stores electric section, there you can find handy things like two-way splits, allowing you to add two bulbs to one socket. If you already have socket in your ceiling you can use a socket to plug adaptor to attach a cord to it.

* You can make your own cord with stuff found at your local hardware store.

* When using energy efficient light bulbs (compact florescent:CF), make sure they are protected, if one these bulbs break make sure to call chemical control since they contain mercury and other chemicals. Canadian Tire sells CF bulbs that have a protective shielding, so if they break the chemicals are contained.

* Recycle Compact bulbs, I know Ikeas in Canada will do this (best part is that if you don't support these big box stores, you can force them to still do your dirty work for recycling light bulbs, batteries and electronics)

* Also, check out LED based bulbs, you can find many of them online. Make sure that you check what voltage your sockets use for LEDS. Standard plugs are 120 volt AC, however when replacing halogen lights with LEDs versions they are 12 volt DC.

* A fun light to to make, is to take a large semi-opaque glass vessel (ie and old lighting fixture of large narrow neck jar) and stuffing LED Christmas light into it, giving a cool effect.

*must stop typing, fear of too many ideas.