January 27, 2008

Trudy Dykhuis

This is our Swiss, uber-stylish grandmother, Trudy Dykhuis. Grandma's yellow flowers and shoes are amazing, and perfect coordinated.

Check out Grandma's fantastic orange tunic top!

Chic scarf.


Biff said...

Is Trudy the one married to "Johnny!!" ?? xo.

Nest said...

Trudy was married to Adrian Dykhuis, our dad/stepdad's father. But bless your heart for knowing "Johnny!"

Carrie said...

Thank you, Meg, for your tribute to Trudy.

Coming across my "uber-stylish" mother on your blog made my day. (I think of her every day.)

You may not remember that, in addition to her own beauty, she was a talented artist. In life, Trudy gave much and sought little in return.

God bless you both,