January 11, 2008

Modern Dose

On this cool, dark and rainy day, I wish I had one of these
campfire pillows
to curl up with. They are an adorable mix of modern and retro and give a warm, woodland feel to any cozy couch.

I have an affinity for everything aviary and this cool orange
pigeon lamp
is a quirky fun piece that goes into that category. Perhaps other urban dwellers will appreciate this lamp, along with some other cool items at Modern Dose.

This is a huge, crazy-splurge piece that Will and I want someday.

Modern Dose carries these fantastically mod
ball chairs in red.

Keep your real wood tabletops ring-free with these faux bois (false wood) coasters. They look really rad in brown or even the vibrant, unexpected magenta.

Perhaps the best thing about this aesthetically inspiring modern shop is that they are not only chic, but giving. Read the below response to this Nest entry to see how this company includes moral responsibility into their plan.


Thanks so much for the great write-up! We would usually offer your readers a 10% off coupon code but this year we are donating 8% of our sales to St. Jude Children's Hospital. We hope this ok and thank you again for your kind words.

-Modern Dose"


marythus said...

They do have great things on their website but I wouldn’t buy from this company. Their customer service is beyond terrible, they don’t ship with they say they will and they don’t describe items correctly. You’re better off buying from another site that carries the same thing. Just Google their items, you’ll probably even find them cheaper!

anijar said...

Do not buy anything from modern dose they have absymal customer service (non-existent is an understatement).

beautylvr said...

BEWARE! Moderndose will suck you in with its well designed web site, beautiful items and items featured in prominent magazines such as Metropolitan Home. Unreliable website. Charged my visa in July. I am still waiting 1 month later for merchandise. Will not return phone calls or emails. It is not looking good. Save yourself the aggravation. STAY AWAY!

Modern Dose said...

Modern Dose has recently upgraded our order and email system and is no longer outsourcing order processing for increased quality control and customer care. We are working with our manufacturers to improve inventory communications and have tightened our vendor policy. Modern Dose is devoted to improving customer relations and will continue to advance our online store. Please feel free to email us with any questions or comments at info@moderndose.com.