December 29, 2007

Christmas on Enderby

With a blazing fire and a beautiful, warm and welcoming home, Christmas on Enderby was special this year.

Every year is special when you have a family like ours.

Our whole family loves nature and animals of all kinds. My step dad, Jan, has an affinity for everything aviary.

This Christmas was "for the birds".

Breakfast was our traditional Swiss brunch of delicious meats and cheeses on sourdough bread. With hard boiled eggs, brussel sprouts, bloody Mary's and all of the toppings it was a smorgasbord of tasty delights.

One of the coolest gifts was this antique garden gnome doorstop Jan got for my mom. A coveted piece for two years, my mom was thrilled to add him to her collection. He is adorable!

Another special gift was this painting my mom and Lauren found for Jan. If you haven't guessed, Jan is Dutch, and as a boy took this line with his mother across the ocean to travel to Holland. The stories of the 7-day journey are from another time, not so long ago. This rich piece with a map across the sky from New York to Rotterdam commemorates not only the boat rides Jan took with Grandma Dykhuis, but our trip last year to the exact spot where the Holland-America would dock.

Gracie's biggest score = Ice camo toy from the Coles.

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