November 17, 2007

Peace Love and Vintage Shoes

If you somehow managed to have a cool, hippy mom who fed you organic milk, instead of the hormone-induced lactose the rest of us had throughout our childhood, you just might fit into these killer kicks. A teeny tiny size 6.5, but big and bold rainbow colors to rock your gay pride and great taste south of your ankles.

Brought to your closet by Suchin on Etsy.


Silvana said...

Those aren't vintage. I bought a pair from payless about three years ago, for less than $18 full price.

But I have to agree. They are fabulous. I put them on when I am feeling a little down.

Nest said...

Ooh, good to know. I bet homegirl found them in a thrift shop and assumed they were. I would've. Either way, I can see them bringing you up when you're feeling down. $18 is a score!