June 15, 2007


This is such a cool, rare, metal wall hanging. Large, bold and beautiful, this recycled textured wall hanging will transform any room back to the 70's. Made from mostly recycled metal, even the seagulls are made from old horseshoe screws.

Modcats was started by a husband and wife who have a strong affinity for design and a sharp eye for stellar mod pieces.

Ebay just wasn't enough for their amazing collection of mid-century pieces. Here is just a taste of the beauty they find and the stellar, lovely pieces they unearth. Have an item shipped to you, or set up an appointment to shop in their Maryland place.

Beautiful carved wood Danish lamp. A piece of art in iteself with a woven shade creating a warm, illuminating glow.
This is one of the coolest ice buckets ever. Neato.


ModCats said...

We can't thank you enough for your kind words about our web site!!!

We truly love this stuff!

You blogg is just wonderful!!

All of our best to you!!

Terrie and Howard Jones

Visible Voices said...

If you can't contact Modcats (they don't give out a phone number to contact them) and you send them 6 emails that come back undeliverable, even tho you have used their own links for contact, what then?

ModCats said...

Hi, we had our server side spam settings set way too high and did block a lot of emails for a couple of weeks. They are lowered again. We have also added a web based contact form and enquiry forms for every available item - these are prettty much guaranteed to reach us. We also hope to add a business phone line shortly. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Terrie & Howard (ModCats.com)