May 25, 2007

Stretched-Canvas Art

One of my many on-going searches is for a piece of 1970's MOD stretched-canvas piece.

Inspired by this amazing photograph of my mom, Sally, in an early apartment with my dad. Mid-70's, clearly. I have yet to locate an exact replica, but find similar earth-tones in several Scandinavian prints.

This book cover looks like it could be very close to the bottom part of the print hanging above my mom.

This Etsy shop has a few really cool mid-70's stretched-canvas pieces by an obscure artist, Robert Van Allen.

The large forest with setting sun and onion prints are my favorite.

I totally dig them all, and can see each of them somewhere. They are rad.


Robert said...

I am absolutely delighted to see these !!!

I have a Robert Van Allen from the 70's of Providence's Fox Point (back when I lived there.) Purchased it from Adler's and always thought that the artist was a local RISD person. It is a little ratty (but so was the neightborhood) and will send you a jpg of it if you send me an email address. Anybody know any more about this obscure artist ??

Amanda said...

I have a Van Allen canvas of a sunflower.