April 2, 2007

Saint Elsewares

With impeccable taste, Elsewares hunts and gathers the very hippest of home decor and swankest of boutique-style from cool, innovative designers. I love these faux wood plates by POP INC.

These Grenade oil lamps are made from actual US Army surplus grenades and available in their natural color, or gilded in either gold or silver. 'm a little torn in how I feel about desensitizing people to such a violent weapon, but I love the designer Piet Houtenbos. He is a New York born, Dutch Designer who reinterprets old objects and materials in innovative new ways. This piece in particular is taking an otherwise destructive object, reusing and recycling it into a positive, new use. I love everything about that.

This exquisite mobile adds natural movement, flow and positive energy to any bedroom, living room or reading nook. carefully laser cut from walnut veneer wood with a natural oil finish, this is a lovely celebration of nature and earth for your nest.

ELSEWARES is a Saint! They have this adorable gift in their shop. This Easter, give an EGGLING.

Ha! These are great. By UNFED

I covet these Thomas Paul's Silhouette Plates....

Lovely french Floral Lamp by Taïr Mercier, the husband-wife design team making classic french style affordable from their Paris studio.

Tree Hooked Coat Hooks are so cool. Sleek and modern, yet natural. A unique take on branch hooks by AlissiaMT and WATDesign.

Tupac or B.I.G.? Show where your hip hop loyalty lies with these East/West Coasters.

Beechwood Clock by

With clean, Swiss colors, and sleek, simple lines, this Vin-Eau Carafe is the perfect addition to your table. Made to be practical and functional with the two cups built into the pitcher, this works for water, wine or whatever wets your whistle. by the Uber-fresh New York design company MINT.

I love this Runaway Clock for sleepy-snoozers.
This weirdo actually hides from you if you sleep in too long! Perfect for my littel brother who could sleep til forever. Yeah, this is so rad, right? So neato. By Nanda.

Cha Pillow and other Scooter-the-dog-inspired pillows by Brooklyn designer Aaron Stewart. I applaud and feel any designer inspired by, working with and focused on their loyal canine friend.
RUBY Pillow. Shout-out to my niece-dog Ruby!

Indoor or outdoor Rooster silhouette. by BLANC and REED.

Coasters made from photographs taken at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, MA by Bob's Your Uncle. And like most people, I have an Uncle Bob.

Woah, and they have lots of cute wallets in their 'carry' section. Way cute.

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