April 8, 2007

Retro Kitchen

There is nothing more cozy and inviting than a clean, retro kitchen. Reminiscent of your Nana baking her famous pumpkin pie for the holidays, and a cool throw-back to the women who taught us how to nest and nurture.

Collecting things like unique vintage salt & pepper shakers are a great idea. Small enough to not clutter up your kitchen space, but with enough variation to build up an interesting, eclectic, reasonably-priced lot of antique shakers. Bring different pairs out for different occasions, and add that fun little touch to the table when you have dinner parties.

What is a cooler, more relaxed and fun way to serve snacks on than these vintage school cafeteria trays?

Or this lovely deer tray? So sweet. Doubles as cool wall art when not in use. Prop up, or hang like you would a plate, or rest up-right on a shelf, this is home decor and a useful item as well.
Will and I have started a collection of antique pitchers. We use them when we have friends over to serve iced mint water, tea, lemonade or alternatively, we use the bright, bold pitchers as vases for fresh flowers. Here are two rad vintage orange pitchers I found on ETSY.

Serve your cocktails on the rocks with this mod fab kelly green ice bucket. You can FIND lots of kitchen vintage items in their shop.

It's fun to collect various cups, glasses and plates that are mixed and matched together with similar colors, but contrasting patterns, cuts, shapes or that come from completely different eras, but the shape or looks compliment each other. Like some of the above pictured mugs, cups and Pyrex pitcher.

Enderby has a Vintage Kitchen Series that compliments all of your vintage finds, and rare, cool, retro utensils, serving platters and linens.

Finish your kitchen with a vintage print, or frame a really neat vintage linen that you love.If you find an antique tablecloth too cool to use, or just too perfect to only bring out from time to time, frame it and hang it in your retro kitchen. Like this awesome onion print found in Mamadelic's Shop.

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