January 17, 2007


i'm a fan of the hand-me-downs.
a) they're free
b) i'm giving a second life to something that is already in my family
c) there's often a great story, anecdote, or weird history to the hand-me-down
d) i am filling my home with things that have sentimental attachment & personality.
below are a few of my favs....

my dad actually made this amazing lamp in high school shop class with different shades of old wood. crazy. coach is a talented man, and i reap the benefits. the jerks that moved will & i from manhattan to brooklyn broke off a chunk, which made me very sad. but i wedged it back, and the lamp stands on its own. it's from brooklyn now. it can take it.

my nana & papa's bowling bags, balls, pin & nana's bowling shoes. they have our bowling balls and shoes in them and we actually bring the bags when we bowl. i have nana's old bowling ball and it has her name 'Bobby', short for Roberta, engraved in it. useful storage and pretty rad looking.

again (and this will happen a lot) my favorite items are from nana & papa. this owl always sat on their screened-in porch, where we spent a LOT of time. i always looked at him and loved him. nana let me have yet another relic of her lovely life and he now works as a book-end in our 'book nook'. nana reminds me of a wise old owl herself. she always knows the ne, succint, short response that will cut right to the crux of the matter.
*note: the Archie comics. my sister, lauren, and i would read volumes of archie comics each summer. we partically loved the betty & veronica digests and would swap and trade them. not gonna lie, i still read them from time to time. that archie andrews (THANKS, LOLO) never let's you down. and never DID make up his mind about betty or veronica, did he?

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