January 20, 2014

Episode 3 // 3D Starburst Orbs

Today, Episode 3 of HGTV Handmade airs, and it's my favorite video to date. This week, I take a step forward in the evolving process of my creation of a wall that is my homage to midcentury starbursts. Watch the video here, and read on about the evolution of this project below. 

// My mid-century starburst evolution //

+ July 2009: I made my first version of an atomic starburst mirror for Decor It Yourself on Threadbanger. It's long-since been one of my favorite creations, as it ushered me into my adoration of midcentury-inspired work. See the video for my first starburst mirror here

+ June 2011: I made a sea urchin for my nautical bathroom video in a MAKE video, that sparked what you see in today's video. The sea urchin was basically the first 3D orb, he was just a purple sea creature friend as well.

+ September of 2011, I brought this atomic-age design inspiration into a clock for my kitchen, and in the same video created a second starburst for the living room wall. You can see how to create both of those in this video.  

     Photo by Jared Roessler

     Photo by Becky Stern

     Photo by Jess Edwards

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